So it all happened when one fine day I was sitting under a tree and an apple fell while I was staring at the sky thinking about the ideas I should imply to have my own Business. Eureka! An apple fell! Just kidding. It's a long story with what happened which we believe should be listened rather be read.

Just to begin with, BigWig Media established its root in the year 2014, seeking visionary accomplishment since. With a customer centric approach we strive for competition and challenges in this digital world.

Keeping a track of all the emerging trends in digital marketing and finding the unique quotient of your brand we will help you mend, build, maintain and manage your digital presence.

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Digital / Online Marketing Solutions ?

Dealing with so many abilities, we pride ourselves on having the capacity to handle anything a customer tosses at us. We trust in being the unparalleled accomplice our customers could ever need; that is the reason notwithstanding our center services we likewise have secondary divisions like SEO, SMO, PPC, SEM, CPL, CPM and loads of other critical sounding 3 letter acronyms.

Search Engine optimisation Services

S-E-O is not just a three letter word but the backbone of every search engine campaign.

We at BigWig have a highly adaptive hand over it which focuses on growth-oriented plans for every business resulting in unmatched portfolios.

Paid Ads

Paid Ads are highly neglected by various marketing agencies! We truely BELIEVE in the power of Paid Ads and its impact on a business.

Content Marketing

As the old saying goes "If You Cant Tell, You Cant Sell"

BigWig is blessed with some high end and fun loving copywriters who have the strength and commitment to pen down an amazing amount of content which serves to hike, mend and maintain your business online.

App Development

We have created everything from corporate apps to multiplayer games to virtual pets.

We have found that the real challenge isn’t designing or building the operating system like Android, iOS, Hybrid.

iphone 2

Social Media Optimisation Services

We are proud to call ourselves the `Diego Maradonna’ of SMO Services.

With a special ‘Hand of God’ at our disposal we can manage and optimize every social media platform to suit your business.

Online Reputation Management

Your reputation amongst the online users can make or break your business growth and our ORM experts recognize that.

Web Services

BigWig Media is equipped with latest technologies, creativity and experience that leads to higher success rate.

Our team comprises of lunatics who love to utilize their skills, combine them with requirements and magically transforms it into Narnia.

Other Services

Hey, not so stranger. So, at this time you might have some knowledge of the work we provide.

And if you thought that is enough of what we do, sorry but we have more in store for you.

Our Works

Website Development

No business is complete without an online presence and who else can develop your dream website other than our wizards.

We design and host the ideal website which will suit your business perfectly along with web solutions for your existing site. Go and glance through some of our work profiles.

Search Engine Optimisation

Good things take time to occur. We, on the other hand, make this procedure faster. Let us be your 3rd Eye & 6th Sense and wait for the end results to be nothing but spectacular.

Infact we are so confident that we guarantee you top rankings, increased productive traffic, peace of mind, measurable results or money back guarantee.

Social Media Services

Just know, if teamed up with us, engagment strategies, content, creatives, video, photography & scalable efforts will be ours and commendable social media results will be for you.

Creative Videography

Go for Longest Shelf Life. Let's talk about how it all works.

But for real, Our videos involve your basic knowledge / thoughts towards your business to which we further incorporate our ideas, fulfilling prophecies that never were written, but showcased in a indulging Video.

Our Result-Driven Approach

We believe that with a positive working environment, the results are excellent. Out of admiration for our customers, we invented a modern company that prioritizes self-realization, admiration and indulgence at work.

People first

People first

People and their relationship with technology is the only reason we're here.

We take a people-first approach across the board, because it's more important to speak for humans than for search engines.

Your users are our users, and giving them an awesome experience is our goal.

Stay small, think big

Stay small, think big

We're a close-knit team of like-minded people, striving for quality over growth.

Our structure is entirely flat, and we don't fill non-production roles – everyone is expected to collaborate directly with clients and work towards ambitious outcomes together.

Quality through culture

Quality through culture

We do our best by keeping it in the family.

We're proudly 100% independent and entirely in-house, combining our creative talent with a comprehensive technical background to bring any project to life, no matter what the challenge.

Experiment & innovate

Experiment & innovate

We encourage an open culture of innovation, sharing and creativity.

We're constantly investigating new technologies and building our own products — for knowledge, the communityand often just for fun.

Better before pretty

Better before pretty

While detail and polish are important, our creative process is driven by solving problems, not by being on-trend.

We'd take "of course" over "wow" any day of the week.

A process of adaption

A process of adaptation

We work with clients to find the best fit, often incorporating aspects of agile, waterfall and everything in between.

We don't follow a strict methodology. We do what works.

It's in our blood

It's in our blood

We found our collective passion and turned it into our livelihood.

We're all here because we're obsessed with design, technology and high quality, creative outcomes.


The great thing about the web is that once you’ve broken down a lot of these terms, they become so much less intimidating.

We do our best to explain all of these tech terms in the most industrial way possible.

You would be amongst the best "Company"

Bigwig Media’s clientele come in with requests of all shapes, colour and sizes and because of this, our portfolio is varied.
It's with a collective goal; surpassing objectives on each client, that we combine our resources and skills to contribute in the growth of our Beloved Clienteles.

You would hear "Good Thing"

Find out what our Customers say about Our Services

BigWig provides a clear roadmap for what they want to accomplish and how they plan to do it. More than anything, they wanted to make sure we were making good business decisions.

- SRM University,

Find out what our Customers say about Our Services

It was proven very early on that BigWig team is filled with experts in the industry, and they know their craft. We really appreciated their high level of communication and ability to execute on what was promised. It’s clear that our success is their top priority.

- Cygnett Hotels,

Find out what our Customers say about Our Services

Their team is extremely detail-oriented, consistently hitting deadlines and goals. We’ve seen a steady rise in inquiries from our new targeted market. BigWig can help any company grow its digital presence online.


Find out what our Customers say about Our Services

BigWig always surprises us with the new designs they came up with for our website. They know what we need and what makes sense for our business and it’s growth. They have provided valuable advice on how to best utilize our social media advertisements.


Find out what our Customers say about Our Services

BigWig’s team has unbeatable knowledge, and flexible. Their ability to do a lot of work at once is impressive. They filled in the gaps for the things we didn’t know or didn’t have time to do. The team align themselves to our priorities. Their comprehensive analysis and the user-friendly report were delivered at a very competitive price.

Mody University,

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